Relationship Attachment Style Test
50 questions, 20 min. Share
  Completely true Mostly
Somewhat true/false Mostly
Completely false
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1.  I easily develop emotional ties to others.
2.  Having to depend on other people makes me uneasy.
3.  I worry that my partner cares less about me than I care about him or her.
4.  If a partner pushes me to establish a commitment, I freak out inside.
5.  If I'm not in a relationship, I am nobody.
6.  I am constantly trying to fix other people's problems.
7.  I let my partner decide everything for me.
8.  I do whatever my partner wants or tells me to do.
9.  It's hard for me to let my walls down.
10.  I want my partner to rely entirely and exclusively on me.
11.  I disregard my own preferences in order to please others.
12.  When a relationship starts to become more intimate, I feel the urge to break it off.