Resiliency Test
10 questions, 05 min. Share
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1.  I often feel like a victim with little or no control over what happens to me.
Completely true
Mostly true
Somewhat true/false
Mostly false
Completely false
2.  What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.
Strongly agree
Somewhat agree/disagree
Strongly disagree
3.  We can overcome painful childhood memories and lessen their influence on our behavior and emotions.
Strongly agree
Somewhat agree/disagree
Strongly disagree
4.  You hear through the grapevine that one of your friends is hosting a huge birthday bash on the weekend. You rush out and buy a great gift...but the invitation never comes! You find yourself at home alone watching reruns on Saturday night. The next Monday everyone is talking about the great party. What's your reaction?
I feel terribly hurt, but never admit it to anyone. It bothers me for days.
I am annoyed and demand to know why my friend didn't invite me.
I am angry and no longer consider him/her a friend.
I assume it was just a mix-up and forget about it.
I feel a little hurt, and approach my friend and nicely ask why I wasn't invited.
I feel hurt but time will heal the wounds.
I feel hurt but make a joking comment to my friend about it so it doesn't seem like a big deal.
I feel depressed and think about it for weeks.
I don't care and don't think about it.
5.  You've been working your butt off at work and your boss has finally taken notice. You're sure a promotion is coming any day. When you arrive at the office on a Monday morning, however, you find out that your co-worker got the promotion... so you're stuck in the same old grind. How do you react?
I get angry and confront my boss aggressively; it's not fair!
I get angry but don't say anything to my boss. It eats away at me for a few weeks.
I feel frustrated and decide not to get my hopes up anymore, since things never work out.
I'm very disappointed, but feel too uncomfortable to ask my boss about it.
I'm disappointed but think there must be a reason. I talk to my boss and ask what I need to accomplish in order to advance.
I quit my job and lick my wounds for months.
I don't give it a second thought - all is fair in love and work!