Resiliency Test
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6.  When you think about the most difficult times you have faced in the past, what is your first thought?
"I'm so angry!"
"I can't think about it without getting physically ill!"
"Thank God that's behind me!"
"I wouldn't necessarily want to live it again, but I learned a lot from it."
"It's some kind of miracle that I survived it; I couldn't do it again."
"Why do these things happen to me? Life is so unfair!"
7.  How would you describe the evolution of your self-esteem over the years?
It has increased with time and is at the highest it has ever been.
It's getting worse and worse.
I've experienced ups and downs, but generally I like myself.
I don't like myself very much and never have.
8.  How strong, overall, do you feel you are emotionally?
Strong as an ox - I can survive anything.
I'm usually strong, but I have moments of vulnerability.
Strong in some ways, vulnerable in others.
I'm somewhat strong, but I lean more towards vulnerable.
I'm very vulnerable.
To be truthful, I can't stand on my own two feet.
9.  You arrive at work/school a bit early one morning, and on the way to your office/class you overhear two co-workers/classmates that you don't know very well discussing YOUR character flaws! What do you do?
I leave it alone; I don't really care what they think.
I leave it alone; I accept that I cannot possibly please everybody.
I confront them and tell them that I don't appreciate their behavior.
I go in the bathroom and let some steam out (by crying/screaming/hitting the wall) but never say anything to them.
I complain to my supervisor/principal that they are spreading rumors about me.
I go home and call in sick for the rest of the week.
I get my revenge by spreading nasty rumors about them.
I quit school/my job.
10.  How long does this event linger in your mind?
Maximum five minutes
Less than an hour
No more than half the day
All day
A couple days
Most of the week
All week
Over a week